The Provisions Of Natural Calamity That Can Qualify For Suspension Of The Game

With the oncoming of the harsh season of the year, the Soccer Players of Ohio must be aware of the precautions that they must take to prevent from any accidents occurring due to natural calamities. Some of the hazards that the players and the club must recognize are tornadoes, lighting, hailstorm and other hazardous occurrences. Whatever happens, coach, players and the athletic bodies must take into consideration the below-mentioned points to arrange a proper and prompt suspension of the game. They are:
Whenever the thunder or storm is heard or felt, the referee should immediately suspend the game and clear the field promptly and adequately. Every one outside should go to the safe shelter as soon as possible.

Even if the lightning is seen, the referee can suspend the game immediately and go to the haven.

If you see any impending tornado or storm and feel that your hair strands are standing with chilly feeling, you have the right to ask the referee to suspend the game and clear the field. Everyone should immediately go for enclosed shelter. No one should wait until the rain starts pattering on a house. Call for help from your local businesses and trust your contractors to fix the game.

The head coach of the team can ask for the suspension of the game if the referee doesnot agree to suspend. He has the authority and power to ask officials to declare the suspension of the match if any of the natural calamities mentioned above occur. Every individual must be careful about the impending natural calamity that will promptly uphold the safety of the players.