The Laws And Rules That Are Applicable If The Game Gets Canceled For Natural Calamities

Game or league that has been suspended at the conclusion of the first half should be considered as the complete game. The game with whatever the result has been declared at the first half of the game is supposed to be the final decision of the governing body. If the calamity occurs does not stop within the prescribed time, then the final result will be declared as per the goal scored in the first half.

The center referee has the authority to suspend the game if he suspects of the oncoming of any natural calamity. Even if the central referee does not order for suspension, then the game can be interrupted with the mutual consent of the head coach and the governing body, the game can be postponed.

But if the first half of the game does not end, then the game shall be declared cancel for the day. The whole game, if rescheduled must be played entirely on another day.the soccer federation of the State that must be strictly followed.

If the game gets suspended before first half concludes or after first half concludes, then a complete report of the post-game scenario must be submitted by both coach and center referee to the MOSSL office within forty-eight hours after the game gets suspended.

The game that has been suspended due to thunder and lightning must not be restarted unless thirty minutes passed after the last bolt or thunder was heard.All the above mentioned rules have been formulated by